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    PSA D&H 5.56mm 30rd Aluminum Magazine - Black Teflon, Foliage Green Follower 10 Pack - Magazines - Accessories

    Buy this 10 pack and meet up with me and I'll trade you 10 pmags for it. No Joke. And I'm not talking about those new thinner genM2 pmags. Im talking old school, heavy duty, with storage covers, brand new in the package. I cant make this deal to everyone, just the first guy to say "done deal."

    I wont check back till I get to work in the morning but rest assured if you are the first guy to post DONE DEAL and can meet me somewhere in greater Portland area for the swap, you can make the purchase and I'll have my end of the deal.
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    I'll do it. Shoot me your number.

    Thanks Donovan.

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