plum crazy M-4

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    i have an M-4 for sale with costom full floating upper with flip up peep sight. beautiful plum crazy lower and the condition of this gun is like new less than 100 rounds fired through it. this is a very sleek gun and have not seen another one like it. with recent ammo prices i would like to get out from under this gun. i am looking for cash but open to trades. no lowball offers. am open to trade for smaler caliber tactcal style gun like the AR .22, possibaly a tricked out ruger 10-22, .22 lever action henery , 12g coach gun, or open to segustions. mainly i am looking for a nice more affordable wepon to shoot, maybe partial trade and cash but must be equal to or greater than $1700

    if u are intrested please email me with any questions, your offers, and your number please


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