8/7/22 10:30 am

Some 40 yard plinkin with.
Mendoza .177
B5 -1 .22
Tomahawk .20
105X .25

8/7/22 4:30 pm

Took out one of my two Crosman V300 bb pistols. This one has 600 grips on it. I haven't shot them in about 6 months. I had forgotten the way they shoot. For a bb pistol they definitely have some power. And the accuracy is pretty good at 25 or thirty feet. To bad they only made these for one year 1963 to 1964. Not many have survived do to the aluminium cocking lever. The only weak link as many broke with use.

20220807_165032~2.jpg 20220807_165001~2.jpg 20220807_125512.jpg 20220807_125415.jpg

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