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    Protect Our Gun Rights

    The Response to the e-mail below that I sent you earlier this week raised $2,438. We still need to raise a little over $6,000 more to get these bills paid. If you donated thank you. If not, please help. Thank you!


    The good news is we filed our notice of appeal challenging the Seattle gun tax scheme.

    And we also have filed our appeal with the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the draconian Washington I-594 law.

    But like all legal action we must pay for it.

    I have on my desk the two legal bills. The first is for $7,408.70 for the Seattle lawsuit. And the second is for $1,216.70 for the I-594 lawsuit.

    They total $8,625.40 and must be paid by the end of the week.

    I don’t have a Bloomberg or Gates that I can ask for help.

    I must rely on citizen patriots like you. Without your help we will be forced to abandon our legal challenges to these assaults on our rights.

    I need you to click on the donate button below and help insure that we can continue our legal fight for our rights.

    Any amount you can donate will help.

    Thank you,

    Alan Gottlieb and the Protect Our Gun Rights Team


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