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  1. Beagle

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    please delete
  2. kodiak61

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    Any interest in trades?

    Smith & Wesson Gas Piston (factory) AR15 in 5.56
    -Yankee Hill Black Diamond Quad rail
    -Primary Weapons Flash Hider
    -2nd Gen Magpul Flip Ups
    - Magpul Trigger guard, Forward Grip, Stock, Sling Adapter
    - Ambi Safety
    - Ambi Bolt release (not magpul, I forget the brand its pinned on though and not clamp on like magpul)
    -KNS anti walk trigger pins
    - Vltor Charging Handle
    -Hogue Grip

    Taurus Judge Ultralight
    - Hogue Grip (must have on this pistol, make shooting it easy and enjoyable)
    - 300+ rounds of 45LC - (In a 30cal ammo can full to the top)
    - 100 or so mixed high end .410 (Winchester PDX, federal 4buck/4 shot, CCI 45LC Bird Shot)
    - Black Hawk Serpa holster
    - Box and All Goodies from new

    I understand trades may not be on your agenda and that these may not be items your interested in. I'm just trying to make an offer that dollar wise in in your favor.

    I own a 14.5" POF in .308 currently and love it. I would like to pick up a .223/5.56 in the same configuration to sleep next to it.

    I am a WA resident with WA CPL, AZ CCW, UTAH CCW and staring at the mailbox waiting for my OR CCW to show up. I live some way from you but of course I'm willing to drive to meet.

    Either way thank you for your time and consideration.

    Andrew Kerns

    PM Sent as well.
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