Hello All,

I am looking at possibly trading off a few of my quasi-military rifles for a few military rifles of comparable value. No cash sales at this time. I will trade these singly or combined. To the best of my knowledge, neither of these is over 50 years old (not eligible yet for C&R), so I will trade only to an OR resident with ODL required and CWP prefered. I cannot provide pictures until Friday when I return home. If you are interested, please PM me with your email trade offer and I will send detailed photos Friday.

What I have:

1.) Traded. Plainfield (PMC) M1 carbine with military sling, oiler, several military and aftermarket magazines of various capacities, several hundred rounds of ammunition with some on stripper clips, and a bolt disassembly tool. Plainfields are regarded as top quality civilian M1 carbines. The wood is in very good condition and the metal and bore are excellent. It has a new extractor and metal handguard. 1970s era.

2.) H&R Leatherneck Model 150 .22 LR semiautomatic with two factory magazines. Open sights. This is the civilian version of the military H&R Model 65 training rifle. The wood is in very good condition and the metal and bore are very good and excellent. There is a small edge chip on the phenolic buttplate. I ran 500 rounds of WallyWorld Federal bulk ammo through this at an Appleseed a year and a half ago and had NO FTF or FTE (which is more than I can say for the Ruger 10-22 my daughter was using). It is a very accurate and reliable rifle. 1960s era.

What I want:

1.) Original Military bolt action rifles. Hungarian or Austrian M95 long rifle in 8x56r. Mosin Nagant M91. Any Finn Mosin. Swedish M96. Swiss M96 (96/11, etc). Other European Mausers in 8mm. Martini Henry long lever(Zuluuu!). Type 99 Arisaka. NO 'Big 5' refurbished Mosin 91/30s please.

2.) Original military semi-autos. SKS of any country except Chinese (unless its really unusual). Any Makarov type pistol in 9x18. FN49 of either caliber. Others considered. No AKM clones except Hungarian or Yugoslavian.

If you have something else you have that doesn't require exotic ammunition, let me know.

So...dust off those old obsolete rifles and let's see if we can do a deal. Again, I am only looking for comparable trades, and I cannot provide pictures of these rifles until Friday when I get home.

Thank you for looking.

Thanks, that's a decent rifle, but no I'll have to pass. I have a Greek Springfield SAR-8.

For everyone: I actually returned home later than I thought...just a few minutes ago actually (Sunday night). I'll be posting pictures of the two rifles tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience to those who have responded so far.

Edit: I am near my limit for pictures I can post. Please email me at [email protected] for pictures.

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