Places to Shoot Near Gresham

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by raindog, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I have a membership at Tri-County...which was great until I got married and moved to Gresham ;-)

    I also have a membership at The Place To Shoot...which was great until my company announced they were laying me off in 6 months and my wife decreed that if I wanted to shoot, I could certainly shoot all that ammo stacked in the garage...

    So it's either drive from Gresham to Tualatin, or find some public land near Gresham. I'm not a native and lived most of my Oregon time in Hillsboro, so I'm a bit lost over here.

    Any suggestions? Coworkers talk about shooting on BLM land all the time, but they're off considerably East or Southeast of me.
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    Folks still go up to Wildcat Mtn RD,some of it is closed due horseback riders,other areas seem to have some traffic.
    Most places will be a drive,none are what i would call close or local.
    I am a member of Douglas Ridge Rifle Club,it is about 1.7 miles East of Barton.
    There are a few other areas,but i will not disclose them on an open forum for fear they will end up trashed.
    PM me if you want details.

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