Pit Stop 1950 vs 2013

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by fredball, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Racing has come a long way, especially pit stops. I noticed no fuel for the Formula One car, but 4 tires in 5 seconds?

    improved on this since 2013....
    Car guys will love this and even if you're
    not a 'car guy', it really is amazing!
  2. Velillen

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    4 tyres in 5 seconds woould be a crappy pit stop now a days. Most are 2.5-3.5 second range.

    And no more fuel. They get 100kg of fuel for the whole race with other restrictions too.

    Still quite impressive
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    I jump in my truck and start the engine. I wait 30 seconds for the oil pressure to build.

    I role out at 1500RPM's, and keep the revs down until the oil warms up. I don't stress the breaks either. I let them warm with a few gentle stops. Then they start to grip better, and take less effort to stop.

    As I'm cruising down the road. My dog rests his big head on my right shoulder from the back of the extended cab. I give him a scratch on the ear, and check the rearview. Then move slowly to the right lane to let a Honda car pass at Mach 4. I wonder where He's going in such a hurry?

    I change the oil at 3000. Rotate the tires at 6000. It takes me about an hour to rotate the tires. I need to get the garage stereo turned up. Then pick up the garage.

    When I start on the truck. I always find something else to fix,maintain, or inspect.

    Am I ready for formula one yet?
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