I am organizing another pit clean up for the double Darrington shooting pit on 435th Ave on August 20th. It isn't in to bad of shape trash wise but could use a total clean up.

I organized the clean up at this pit two years ago and the clean up of the Suiattle River Road pits last year.
Both were huge successes.

I would like to personally thank all of the people who contributed financially to cover the coat and to all of the people who donated their time to make the clean ups possible.

I will be advertising cleaned range brass in the reloading section to help cover the cost of the dumping fee and to buy food & beverages.

I will post updates as they come in.

If six to eight people could show up for the clean up it should take about three hours to complete the clean up.
I will be contacting the DNR manager so he can close the pit down during the clean up.
Thank you Pat & Mason.



Bummer, I can't make it on the 20th. But I'll help with promoting and some disposal cost.

Sounds like a couple pickup trucks are needed, and/or a utility trailer, for hauling out the trash.

@HighlandLofts could also use someone to cook some burgers & dogs!

Thanks for putting this together, Pat!


I really enjoy cleaning these pits up. Thank you for the resources to help out on these clean ups. I will be contacting the DNR tomorrow for closing the pit down and gaining access to the pit from 530.
I will be in contact with you as things all come together.

We went up to the pit today or six hours. Mason did a bunch of shooting and I pickedup a fair amount of brass, mostly 9mm & 223.
Money in the bank.


I contacted the District Manager of the DNR and we will have the gate by the substation open for the clean up.
We will have either a dump trailer of dump truck available to haul the trash away.
All combustible material we will pile up in the center of the pit to burn if there are no fire restrictions by August 20th.
I will contact the Darrington fire department to see if they would send up a small truck just in case something happens.
There will be food & beverages.
We still need a few more volunteers to make this a successful event.
The clean up will start at 8am and we have the pit closed down until noon.
We should have to done with in three hours.
I am selling brass in the reloading section to help out on the dump fees if any one could use any.

If you can attend please contact me on this thread of send a PM.
thank you, Pat

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