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Pistol Training in Southern Oregon

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by CleverName, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. CleverName

    CleverName Southern Oregon Active Member

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    Can anyone point me to a list of upcoming pistol training events/courses in the Southern Oregon area?
  2. Kevatc

    Kevatc Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Not sure where Southern Oregon is for you but I've trained with a number of guys who made the trip from the Medford area to Oregon Firearms Academy in Brownsville. Yes, it's a bit of a drive but the instruction is top notch.
  3. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    I've heard lots of good news about Oregon Firearms Academy (OFA) too.
    I belong to the Medford Pistol Club and just received this email today.

    The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club presents a
    Sunday, AUGUST 14th
    Registration Starts at 8:30 am Shooting Starts at 9:00am The Entry fee is $12
    A shooter can shoot a second pistol or rifle in a second class for an additional fee of $5. This match will be held at the Training and Reserve Ranges at the Jackson County Sports Park
    The range is through the gate at the south end of the Pubic Shooting Ranges, off the corner of Kershaw and Corey Roads, White City.
    Course of Fire will be 4 Steel Courses. That’s a minimum of 100 rounds. Chosen and set up for your shooting pleasure by your Match Directors
    Firearms: You can shoot with any centerfire pistol, &/or any 22LR rimfire pistol or rifle
    Scoring will be based on the time it takes you to hit 5 Steel Targets, each with one shot. Each set of targets will be shot 5 times. The slowest of the 5 times for each stage will be thrown out.
    Your total time for each of the 4 stages will then be added together for your Total Time Score. There will be Cash Awards for the fastest class times and a General Raffle Drawings for Cash held after the Match.
    Shooters will compete against shooters using the same type of pistol or rifle.
    Local pistol and rifle classes include: Semi-Auto with Iron Sights and Semi-Auto with Optics, & Revolvers with Iron Sights and Revolvers with Optics; in both Centerfire & .22 Rimfire categories.
    FYI-- Laser Sights are allowed in the Optics classes
    Holsters will be required for shooters in the Centerfire Pistol classes.
    All Rimfire shooters will start from a low-hold ready position.
    All shooters will need a gun rug or range bag into which to secure their firearm when not shooting. Don’t forget to bring Sight and Hearing Protection, Range Bags, Ammunition (a minimum of 100 rounds per firearm), Firearms, Extra Magazines and/or Speed loaders (5 recommended), Pen/Pencil/paper, Water
    Needless to say ----“Dress for the Weather”
    If you are unfamiliar with Steel Challenge, Go to 2008 USPSA Media CD
    Medford Rifle and Pistol Club Medford Rifle and Pistol Club
    You need not be a club member to participate in this match. Bring a friend or two. Come early and help set up the course at 8 am. Bring some leather gloves.
  4. Old Hick

    Old Hick Oregon Active Member

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    Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch is in Lakeview, and an Awesome place to train at.

    Thunder Ranch® Oregon

    Second would be Oregon Firearms Academy.

    Stay Safe.
  5. CleverName

    CleverName Southern Oregon Active Member

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    Oregon Firearms Academy is a little closer and looks pretty cool. I may check them out. And I'm definitely interested in that match. I've never done a match before.