Pistol Brass, 9MM, 40 S&W, 45ACP

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    I have an assortment pistol brass for sale.
    This is from purchases I have made, estate sales, trades, etc.

    I would consider it all 'range' brass and would not have a problem with keeping it and reloading for myself, I just have too much brass.

    This has all been tumbled clean and I have sorted to try and get out any obvious bad cases.

    Prefer FTF in Milwaukie but will ship on your dime via USPS flat rate box.

    9MM in 525 count bags, $20/bag (several k available)

    40 S&W in 265 count bags, $12.50/bag (7 bags of brass and 1 bag of nickle available)

    45ACP Large Primer Pocket, 1 Bag 255 count $18, 1 Bag 185 count $13

    45ACP Small Primer Pocket, 1 Bag 255 count $18, 1 Bag 200 count $14

    Please feel free to pm any questions.
    Thanks, John
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    I would like all the lg primer .45 please

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