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Pistol AR build

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by lazerblazer, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. lazerblazer

    lazerblazer Portland Active Member

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    Hey there friends,

    I just started building an AR-15 type pistol, this is my first AR build. Although this is not my first AR I have a CAR length rifle with a polymer lower.

    This brings me to my question after assembling most of the lower sans buffer tube and the spings and such that go with that; I have noticed that I am unable to bring my safety selector switch back to safe once test firing the hammer (hammer up) only once the hammer is engaged can I go safe. Is this normal, because when tested with my polymer lower it easily switches between safe and fire when hammer is any position?

    I went with a stripped T.R.O.S. lower, with a DPMS lpk pictures at the below address.

    Pistol AR pictures by larry_arnold - Photobucket
  2. Unka-Boo

    Unka-Boo Milwaukie Active Member

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    Invest in a 4-40 tap and set screw for the rear detent spring.