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Pinto's Guns in Renton WA

Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by Redneck_Riot, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Redneck_Riot

    Redneck_Riot Lake Stevens, WA Member

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    Whent into Pintos Guns in Renton WA today, this was my first time to the store and I have to say that I was less than impressed. As I arrived at the store no one greeted me, as I looked at the very meager selection of guns displayed no one asked me if they could help me, the woman behind the counter apparently the owner of this place seemed like she could care less to sell me anything. Lastly there were no other customers in the store but me.

    I will not return to this dealer nor would I reccomend this dealer to anyone looking to purchase a new or used gun.
  2. Inspector

    Inspector Washington State Member

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    Pintos was once a decent sized shop in Kent. That was about 20 years ago and I don't recall her being real social back then. I remember wondering why she was in the business and not being surprised that it didn't stay that size for long.

    She moved into a gunsmith's shop in Renton some time ago. I visit that gunsmith from time to time for reloading supplies but he only accepts cash so I only go there in a pinch. Haven't been by there lately, is it possible she moved into her own place? The only place I shop for guns in Renton is Bens Loan and I usually go to Federal Way since Ben's doesn't seem the same anymore.
  3. Darin Jordan

    Darin Jordan Renton, WA New Member

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    I've been in to visit Pinto's Guns twice now, and purchased a pistol from them the 2nd time. I found the guys behind the counter friendly and enthusiastic, and very helpful. I also like their mixture of old and new bits and pieces.
  4. DaveHite

    DaveHite Seattle New Member

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    I don't go to a gun shop for touchy feely hugs. That said, I've found the staff to be very helpful when I've had a question. Their selection of used firearms is far superior to any local gun shop that I've seen and her prices are fair. I've bought multiple long guns from her and been happy with them all. The last longgun I bought from Ben's was a .20ga single shot shotgun that I was told was a good shooter. It didn't fire (seems it had a broken firing pin) $100 later I now own a $200 shotgun worth about $75. Pinto's is my go to shop for used firearms; and Diana even ordered in some .308 at $12.99 abox to match a price that Cabela's was offering it at. Good gun people with good prices...give Pinto's a try.
    Dave Hite <><
  5. CavVet

    CavVet Seattle Member

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    The one in Kent was "ol man Pinto", this one is Diana Pinto.

    I first met her at Bens years & years ago. I was in her store-Dan Cowans old shop, last weekend. She had a lot of guns, some ammo and a steady stream of customers.

    I've met few gun dealers that had what I found to be good character, good knowledge and good business ethics. I think she has all three, and apparently Dan thought the same thing, which only confirms my suspicion.
  6. 3584ELK

    3584ELK Algona Member

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    Had to weigh in here. I have had good and bad experiences at Pinto's. IMHO the employees are great folks. If you have to deal with the owner, then you will find out what others are speaking of. While it's true that I don't need a touchy feely butt licking at a gun shop, some form of customer service is appreciated. The nasty reply I received from the owner when asking a question about a FFL transfer was pretty disappointing. When I dealt with a different person, the experience was great. I love the layout of the store, the paraphenalia, etc. and their prices are fair. I won't be visiting again soon as I don't beg folks to take my money.
  7. sigboi

    sigboi Seattle Active Member

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    Just want to put in my .02, I've had nothing but good experiences there, been a customer since '12. I've only bought 2 firearms from them, but have had them do the ffl transfers (still $30 I believe) on 4 online buys and it's been nothing but smooth.

    Their gun and ammo prices were pretty good, and nowadays I always send Diana an email to see if they can get a gun for around the same price as online before I pull the trigger.

    They have a german shepard and a small terrier and dog people are good by me.
  8. Classic

    Classic Federal Way WA Well-Known Member

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    Not long after Sandy Hook when powder & primers were unobtainium Pinto's made sure that they kept shooters shooting. They didn't gouge either! If I'm in need of something "right now" I go there even though it's about 15 miles away. Every now an then they have nice gently used guns at very nice prices. Are they chatty Kathy's behind the counter? No If you ask a question will the answer it? Yes
    Fair prices & reloading components, what else do ya need?;)
  9. FA9

    FA9 Hillsburrito, ORgun Well-Known Member

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    Been to Pinto's a handful of times and all were great experiences. I too could care less about the butt kissing, I kinda like it that way. If I need something, I'll ask.
  10. AirResq

    AirResq Renton Active Member

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    I get in there every now and then. Their prices are acceptable as is the service. I've also found they are the most likely establishment to meet my reloading needs and continue to be my first stop. I'll take a "real world" person behind the counter over a fake smile any day. The world is not perfect. People have bad days.