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Pig hunting

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by HITMAN, Jan 17, 2009.


    HITMAN Vancouver Member

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    Allright guys i have had a couple request for my pig location. I remember it was right out side of cheeney wa. I used to have this guys flyer but i think the wife has thrown it away. My other buddy that went with still has his though. I will get the info and post it. I am pretty sure it was canyon creek hunting ranch and the guys name is Don. but i could not find anything on a google search. This guy is old school. info comming soon .....wild 500lbs. boars
  2. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    Dude, I'm in! I have been dreaming of hog hunting lately. My dad has a Freedom Arms .454 and some nice ammo that needs a better work out than paper!

    Anyone out there know of this place Hitman is speaking of?!?!
  3. Jaybo

    Jaybo Olympia Washington Member

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    This is from off thier website page regarding the fees associated with that hunt.. and others.

    Season Year Round
    No license required

    TrophyBuffalo 1600 lbs. & up.
    A 2 day hunt is $ 2,600 and up. For trophies eight years and up it is $ 3,500. .
    Meat Bulls- 2 yearold Buffalo
    2 day hunt call for quote. A $150 guide fee is required.

    Boar 2 day hunt is $1,100
    Group of 3 or more $995 pp

    Goat-Angora,Spanish Billies, Catalina Billies
    2 day hunt is $550
    Trophy (over 28 in.) is $750

    Sheep-Jacob Four Horn, Merino, Barbados, & High Breeds
    2 day hunt is based on horn spread
    22 in - 23 in is $550
    24 in - 25 in is $680
    26 in - 27 in is $800
    28 in - 29 in is $900
    30 in - 31in is $1,100
    Trophy (over 28 in.) is $900

    Watusi Hunt is $ 1,700 and up
    Water Buffalo Hunt is $ 2,500 and up
    Eland Hunt is $ 3,500 and up
    African Adax Hunt is $ 2,700 and up
    Other species upon request.
  4. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    Thanks for the information! Guess I'll have to start saving my pennies for some hog huntin'!!
  5. xm193

    xm193 seatac Active Member

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    youll have a better time hunting in texas for free airline tickets included its cheaper, we used to hunt with 30 caliber carbines and sks it a pest down there
  6. miles

    miles Shanghai, China New Member

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    I hunted feral hogs quite a bit in Texas before I came to Shanghai. It's been said in one or two of the threads on this subject that they are tough. I second that. I shot one through the shoulders with my 7mm-08 at about 100 yards, didn't kill him (mis-judged the shot), and went down to finish him off. This sucker was about 300 lbs (too big for really good eating). I popped him in the back of the head with my .45 ACP and all it did was make him mad. Scared the **** out of me when he tried to come around on me! Below and slightly behind the ear worked a whole lot better. (When I cleaned him, the .45 slug was lodged in the "armor" on his neck. Never even got through to the meat, much less any vitals.)

    Gotta be careful when you clean them and wash up REAL good afterward. Rinsing your hands and forearms with alcohol (the rubbing type) wouldn't be a bad idea. I had a buddy that got hoof & mouth from cleaning one.

    I say 300 lbs is too big for good eating, but it does make great sausage, especially mixed with deer. 90 to 150 lbs, even smaller, is about right for getting nice juicy chops and such.

    If you take one in warm weather, not a good idea, get the meat cooled down real quick.

    Now I want to go! I'm not coming back to the States for my next leave until July and that's too warm for a pig hunt. If you guys have any luck, PM me with the pictures - PLEASE!