Pietta 1858 New Army

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by laney1566, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Hey guys...
    I am a black powder enthusiast. Mr UPS man brought me a new Pietta 1858 New Army today.
    I already had a Pietta Colt Navy in the period incorrect .44 and know that 30 grains fff is the recommended max charge for it. The New Army seems to recommend 35 grains fff. The cylinder definitely looks to be longer....Anybody try 40 grains fff in these?
    Just curious because I have no desire to cart cornmeal around to fill the void (if any). If you have one...How does yours shoot.
    This model appears to be a lot better than the Navy model.
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    I have a pair of the Pietta "shooters" model, a "target" model, a Buffalo and a nickle plated "Navy Arms" made by Pietta. The newer Pietta's are much better fit and finish vs the older models

    As long as you can seat the ball on the charge you're gtg. For me that's about 25grs and it's the best accuracy in general. You can shoot full chambers, about 40grs but you see a drop in accuracy and have more powder residue.

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