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Picked up used Glock 36 recently, any NWF members sell this gun??

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by d3mo, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. d3mo

    d3mo Portland New Member

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    I had a corporate function in Tigard in early Dec. I got to the area a little early, and decided to pop into GunBroker on a whim. I went inside to play my favorite game (pick up a Glock 30SF and Glock 36 to see which feels better), and the guy at the counter pointed me to a used Glock 36 someone just traded in.

    Normally, I would never consider a Glock 36 used based on all the problems some experience with the gun, but this one had all the trimmings. Lone Wolf .45 barrel, CT laser, extended take down lever, trigger work. Also, it came with all the stock parts included, and the 3 stock mags. Just over $500. Seemed too good to be true. Someone put a lot of love into this gun, maybe they just couldn't get it to run right?

    Anyway, fears aside, after a few trips to the range I can't find a thing wrong with it. 250rds of various crap through both the stock and the LW barrel (500 total through the gun total), no issues. All broken in and feels great.

    Bottom line, does anyone here remember selling this gun? Might be a shot in the dark, but I figured I'd reach out to the community. I'd be interested in round count or any history on the gun, only cause I'm interested. It's a great piece, now one of my favorites. I've plugged the grip, and installed a steel guide rod since the purchase, and it's my favorite carry gun.

    Anyway, give me a heads up, if this sounds familiar and you're interested in talking about it. (If it was a bad memory where you had to give her away under heartbreaking pretenses, I will definitely understand.)
  2. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    I've only heard good stories of the G36. In fact lots of internet chat about wanting Glock to make a single stack in every caliber. Good luck in the search for the previous owner.
  3. doubletap007

    doubletap007 Beaverton Active Member

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    if it was gun broker on hwy99,i'll bet i know who owned the gun.
    i was in there looking for a 1911 and this old boy had a g36 that had a lot of work done on it,he was a well known customer by them
    kinda like norm from cheers,lol.
    he told me how i should buy one of these and showed it to me.he was missing his two middle fingers and i asked how he lost them and he said"well i was going to clean my gun and popped the mag out and went to clear the chamber and had only dropped the mag a little bit and it put one in(dont ask me how)and then when he went to dry fire it he put his hand in front of it and blew them off.
    they guy working at the counter nodded at me as if to say"yep he did".
    so the guy with the gun handed me his g36 to check out and he only dropped the mag a little,just as he did when he had his accident
    if you can believe someone wouldn't change his mind after that like say????take the mag all the way out????
    anyhow he was a neat old guy and this gun was very tricked out,3lb trigger lightened slide and all.
    i wouldn't be surprised if it was that guys gun...the old boy looked like mickey rooney.
    amazing a guy who has been around guns all his life would have an accident like that and do something so foolish as put his hand in front of it.
  4. d3mo

    d3mo Portland New Member

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    Thanks, guys.

    Appreciate the feedback, DoubleTap. That sounds like the guy. They mentioned the gun came from a long time customer. Now that I see the above post, I think I saw a very "Micky Rooney-ish" customer in there a while back, so if I see him there again, I might mention it to him.

    Thanks for all the help, everyone. Still very pleased with my newest Glock. It's making my other pistols jealous with all it's bells and whistles.
  5. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    Wait, used Glock 36 for $500 is good deal? :paranoid:

    But to the main point, I also heard good things about G36. I am actually thinking about getting one too. :thumbup: