Picked up a PPQ M2 .40 yesterday

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by rainiergreen, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Well I have been looking for a PPQ in .40 for a very long time. They are hard to find in 9mm and the dealers locally have said they are impossible to get in .40.

    So I headed to the Hillsboro Gun Show yesterday. Was planning to find a neat tactical .22lr rifle. I got there about an hour after opening, it was packed. I'm walking through and spotted "my holy grail" sitting on a table mixed in with a bunch of Glocks and XDs...a PPQ. I was so excited I reached over the guy in front of me to grab it. I picked it up and OMG it was a M2 in .40. Priced at $599 NEW!!! The guy asked if I had any questions...I said "Yes, who do I pay?" I have to say I have not been so excited to buy ANYTHING in a long time.

    Why is this gun so important to me, you ask? Because I have big hands, not fat cigar fingers, just big hands. I'm 5'11" and can easily palm a basketball and my fingers are big ring size 13. The very first time I picked up the first gen PPQ it was as if it had been formed for my hand. Every other gun I have owned has always been a compromise of size or comfort but not the PPQ.

    Interesting thing was that IF I wanted to make some money I could have easily sold it before I left the show. I had 2 dealers offer me $650 cash or $700 trade. And at least 3-4 people offer me up to $750 for it. I talked to several dealers there and was told "good luck" finding a PPQ at all but in .40 no chance.

    I got home a little after dark and it was raining buckets, but I couldn't wait. So I stood out in the rain and ran 50 rounds through it. I love it! Trigger pull is awesome! Because the grip fits so well the recoil was null and I was able to get right back on target.

    Now I just need to find a holster. Does anyone know where I can get a good holster? I don't want some Uncle Mikes generic.
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    Congrats!! I've owned to P99s, and thought they were fine weapons. Try De-Santis, or Fobus for holsters. Not sure about Blackhawk, but they probably make a Serpa holster for it as well.
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    I love my PPQ. There's a Blackhawl leather holster that fits it well, it's made for the XD series. I also have a Galco that fits even better, it might be the holster for my HK P30, I'd have to check. I don't know who makes PPQ specific holsters, but it's one of those guns that's very similar in size and shape as other popular models.
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    Check out Foxx holsters. I have a hybrid for my G19 and a little Foxx for my shield. Both are incredibly comfortable.

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