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    Here's an idea, EVERYONE on this site, contact a minimum of 5 [FIVE] People TODAY, THIS MORNING, and tell them about the Rally in Salem on the 8th of FEB. Then, ask THEM to call 5 more, and just keep this thing going. IT WORKS, I've done this before , as they say ''word of mouth is the best way to spread the news, or to advertise" Its YOUR 2nd amendment rights we are talking about here. And, its not to be taken lightly, how much more are you willing to take, or be forced to take before we make our voices heard and numbers seen. To tell the legislators we WILL NOT be pushed around? THEY represent US, THEY are supposed to WORK for US. THEY are supposed to VOICE OUR Opinions. Start calling now. Keep this message alive!!

    5 friends, 5 relatives, 5 working buddy's 5 people you see on the street, at stores, at the bar, cafe, parts store, its simple, hay, you might even make a new friend or 2. Don't be shy

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