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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by RoJac, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I got a Raven 25 cal semi auto by Phoenix Arms as part of a package deal.So I am not really out any cash.
    It appears to have spent alot of time in someones pocket,most all the blueing is worn off. (no rust)The bore seems ok. It is missing the recoil spring,and the fireing pin is broken. I have located the pin and spring at a cost of approx $ 30.00. My question is. Is it worth the money to repair it???

  2. civilian75

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    That depends. I don't own one, but a friend does. We took it to the range and when it did not jam, we could hit the paper pretty consistently. Failures where due to the crappy alloy mag (only one he had) which was totally messed up. I "fixed it" up the best I could and gave it back without fire testing it.

    IMO, depending on condition, it has little to no commercial value. Add to it the high price and low SD value of 25ACP, it is a tough sell to anyone who has never "experienced" one.

    On the positive side, it is tiny as heck. Has very low recoil so you can shoot all day long. At 5dy it is not impossible to put all within 4" circle, if everything is working right and you do your part. To me it is nothing more than a curiosity, a conversation piece... of sorts. It could pass for a cigarette lighter. If came by one very, very cheap, I might take it as a project gun... maaaaybe.
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    As long as you don't dry fire them the pins last a while, but 30 bucks seems a little steep - that's like half the value of the gun, but without the parts it's a paperweight right?

    I had one that was a POS I bought used and wouldn't fire to save my life, then I picked up another one NIB and polished the feedramp/internals and had a reliable little piece. I personally would fix it, but I might look around for parts - you might pick up a kit on GB or something. I can't remember if they're the same size, but I have a used firing pin out of a Lorcin somewhere.
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    I would rather spend the $30 on ammo or spare magazines for guns that I already have.

    Spending $30 to try and fix a Raven is like spending $30 to try and fix a 20 yr old VCR. Even if you are able to get the thing to work, what use will it be to you?

    The only possible value that a .25 Raven might ever have is at one of those gun turn-in events where you can get $25 or $50 for any gun, regardless of condition. I would just hang on to the thing until I had an opportunity to turn it in for some cash.

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    Phoenix is the worst. Especially the newer .22s - I owned one and the frame cracked. Sell/trade it as a parts gun or wait on a turn in as recommended.

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