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    whats your pet load for your rem.700 milspec 5r 308?Iwent through about 4 or 5 different brands and hornady 168 match won out.smk 175 grn. match, i got about a 3/4 moa group at 100 yrds off a leadsled.3 shot group.This rifle is new,just getting broke in.has a 20 moa direct mount by night force with nightforce 8x36x56 br on it.hornady shot closer groups.barrel now cleans up with about 3 or 4 patches.Id like to try some of your pet loads to get me started back to reloading to tighting the groups up.
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    I've been shooting this rifle for a couple years now. Trying all the "usual suspects" for powder I settled on Varget.

    For my 168gr Nosler Custom Competition BTHP's I use 45.5 grains of Varget with a COAL of 2.800 and get 5 shot groups ranging from .147 to .200 at 100 yards.

    For 175 gr Nos. Cust. Comps. I use 43.5 to 44 grains of Varget with COAL of 2.800 which can group as small as .7" at 300 yards.

    I shoot from a Caldwell "Rock" and rear bag filled with corncob.

    One change I made in the rifle was to get rid of the Remington X-Mark Pro trigger. It was OK but when adjusted to 1.5 lbs of pull the adjusting screw raked my finger with every recoil. Replaced it with a Timney trigger. Much more comfortable and believe it or not, the groups shrunk from around .250 to what I listed above.

    Another improvement was to re-bed the action. The stock came with an aluminum action block but after a year or so of shooting it showed marks that indicated it wasn't properly mating with the action. I gave it a "skim coat" of Devcon 11110 (steel epoxy) and let it cure with minimal pressure (just enough to lightly contact the high points of the action block). It now shoots the same from the first shot (after fouling) to the last shot of the day. No creep or stringing.

    As for bullets. I have found that the Nosler Custom Comp's not only shoot better than Sierra's in my rifle but are cheaper (about $0.21/bullet in box of 1,000 for 168 gr.)

    Other bullets that have shot near "Match Grade" groups, but are more hunting bullets are the Nosler 168 gr BT's, the Nosler CT 168's, and Hornady's A-Max. I have duplicated Hornady's TAP load and shot 1/4 MOA at 100-300 yards with this bullet.

    As for "the rest of the story", cases are usually Winchester that have been weighed and grouped by weight. Also use FC GMM cases that I pick up at the range after service rifle matches. For the extra challenging days, when I want to go for a "personal best", I bring out the Lapua brass which is fire formed and only gets neck sized in a Lee Collet Die between sessions. Primers are usually Wolf/Tula for "fun rounds" and CCI BR-2's for "serious stuff". The group size difference is usually small With some "standard" primer groups being every bit as good as those with the Bench Rest primers.

    ALL loads are weighed, period. No drop 5-10 loads from a powder measure, pour them back, and then load the cases. All powder is dispensed and weighed by an RCBS Chargemaster 1500 combo. Every powder charge is within 0.05 gr. (the round off setting of the scale).

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    A pet load? My pets are pretty small. A .308 is wayyyy overkill.
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    45 gr Varget with your favorite 165 or 168 grain bullet.
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    44.5gr of Reloader-15 seems to work very well with all the 165-168 pills i have tied in my ruger.
    Neck sized win brass, cci LR primers, COL 2.805, NOS BT and Accubonds.

    This works in MY RIFLE, start 10% low and work up.
    Stay safe and good luck
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    kluxman45, My Rem. 700 5-R loves 175 grn Nosler CC, over 42.5 grns RL-15. Also 168grn Sierra MK, over 42.0grns RL-15. Both are mild loads, I know, But, Very accurate in my 5-R. Idaho-45
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    Rem 700 sps tactical

    Winchester Brass
    Varget 44.9 grain
    CCI large rifle primer
    175 grain Nosler CC HPBT
    O-Give 2.295

    I am getting .7" consistently, .5" on good days. I will try again next month with reloader 15 and lapua brass

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