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Read through a page of them and the VAST majority seem to think they are well worth having so who knows. :s0092:
Last time I was helping an LEO at work who got sprayed by his own people I gave him some milk and a washcloth. He said it seemed to help. If I have to get sprayed again will probably buy some of these to try.
Everytime the pepperspray alarm in my gunstore went off, my lungs got the worst of it-- not sure what you can do about that
Everytime the pepperspray alarm in my gunstore went off, my lungs got the worst of it-- not sure what you can do about that
I suppose not much other than try to get to fresh air. I have gotten the "after spray" thing a few times when around the damn stuff. All I could do was wait out the effect on me as far as making me cough and such. Been a long time since I actually got it in the face and eye's. Back before they invented OC and we all used the different forms of tear gas that crap was worse from the breathing part of it once you inhaled the damn stuff. I can still remember that smell :(
I can swear by pepper spray, and used it extensively almost every weekend, on drunks coming at me with broken bottles, brass knuckles, belt buckles, knives, chairs, tables, etc., while working as security at a nightclub in one of Baltimore's really bad neighborhoods....many ages ago. Ah, the memories..

Almost always, they'd walk away stumbling to their cars, once they started to see and breathe properly again, not wanting a second dose.
My luck was that nobody pulled a gun on me while working there. I quit after one of them tried persistently to run me over with his car on the sidewalk after giving him the spray treatment and kicked him out.

Less lethal force should be appropriately deployed first whenever the threat level is less than maximum, while actively assessing for escalation.

Lethal force should only be deployed when one's life is perceived to be in danger.

The problem is that some people are using lethal force in any argument, road rage, or any other situation when a fist fight or a good beatdown should suffice, just like in the good old days. Another problem is that kids/young are using guns on the streets like in their video games.

Taking someone's life in reality is not like in a video game. Any hot war veteran can attest to that.

I own different types/brands of sprays, launchers, and pepper balls/cartridges, along with the normal lethal stuff which I hope I never have to use.
The only gripe I have is that the pepper balls are alot more expensive than hot ammo, however, it beats the legal cost/headache, and all the other repercussions when using lethal force.

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