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people on outdoorstrader.com

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spider, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    Not sure if its because theirs no feedback given so you can't figure out who's a tool and who's a good guy here's a silly experience i'm having when i sell my colt 45 on there

    I replied this, when this person offered a frakensteined AR for my colt

    Thanks but not looking for a custom built AR, prefer factory built/assembled.
    Good luck on the sale and take care-
    ^^^^really does it look like i'm being a complete a$$?

    He flips back this in about 3 minutes

    apparently you haven't been around AR's.
    The upper is all factory bulit by DPMS. The lower portion is Olympic arms which is also a factory assembled part that allows you to use different barrel configurations and will also allow different calibers if so desired. The fit of everything is probably better than a less exspensive standard version unless it is an original Colt AR.

    ^^^not really sure how, if you really wanted to trade for something that, you can be so curt about it.

    This is also after he offered a trade of an AK, then within 9 hours backs out, about 2 weeks before.

    I mean they're a handful of people Ive came across on this site as well, that would offer everything they have under the sun, then turn around the next day and say deals off, because they had some guy offer $20 extra on top. It is business but a crappy way of doing it..I'm only typing this because this is the one hay strand that broke the camels back, i've wasted my time dealing with people I thought were fine people, to turn out they end up just being low-lifes. Lifes full of them, wish i could weed them out faster and more efficiently.
  2. Ben Beckerich

    Ben Beckerich NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    sounds like just another random-jackass occurrence, man. it'll happen from time to time, and here or there.

    for what it's worth, i think it's complete BS when somebody backs out of a deal. if two people have come to an agreement and made an electronic handshake, then a deal is a deal. i don't care if somebody offers me $2,000 extra on the top, if I've already agreed to sell it to somebody for a specific price, a deals a deal.
  3. Mr. Biggles

    Mr. Biggles Tacoma, WA Member

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    There's some weird people on Outdoorstrader; that's for sure. Every site has them though. Although, if I'm selling something to someone, and I've alerady promised them a price, I'm not going to sell it off to someone else who offers me more money. That's just bad business practice.

    Edit: Just noticed my feedback isn't showing up. Thought that issue was fixed?
  4. billcoe

    billcoe PDX Platinum Supporter Platinum Supporter

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    I thought you were very kind and generous with your words. But maybe his intention was to educate and not berate? Anyway, I have fixed it for you for next time you see something similar to read as follows:

    Just trying to help. Good luck
  5. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    Lol it happens just teed about it earlier today, I'm over it and looking forward to dealing again.
  6. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    I have a bubba SKS I'll trade for your Colt. You won't even need to put up any money:laugh: Us tools/lowlifes are everywhere.:bluelaugh:
  7. iamme

    iamme Lane County Well-Known Member

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    I'll trade a sword and an empty can of olives...
  8. servingu

    servingu Vancouver (not BC) WA (not DC) Member

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    That’s not funny iamme. If it was a full unopened can that would make it fair but don’t eat the dam olives and then trade just the can….

    Hey spider that is a nice colt ya got.
  9. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    And maybe he was sitting there stoned out of his mind and got a little paranoid. Or maybe he's a bonified BiPolar dude and you caught the down side.