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    Hi all! I've got some pens that I made. They're great gifts for Mothers/fathers day, graduates, birthdays, or just because. I took the pictures on my phone, believe me they look much better in person.

    I've got slimlines from $10-$25 depending on embellishment. These are in chrome, gold, copper, and pearl.


    I've got Seam rippers for $15 for the moms that like to sew:


    Very nice high quality classic American Twist pens. $40


    Last but certainly not least, bolt action bullet pens. Work the bolt to click the pen. The clip is a rifle. These are really nice, and again the pics just don't do justice. Finishes are Gold, chrome, and gun metal. $40


    On the $40 pens I'll do 2 for $70 also. So if you wanted to get a twist for mom and a bullet for dad, or........

    I'm also open to trades and barter. Thanks for looking!

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