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May be better to have them shipped in, if staying with friends/family. If there's a particular your gun likes, or to get an assortment...assuming you wish to buy down here & take home. No help for plinking while here.
In Salem, I'd add Big Five on S. Commercial, or Coastal Hardware & Sportsmans Warehouse at S Lancaster and HWY 22.
Couple of weeks?
If none of the brick and mortar stores have what you want, mail order...
Thanks. Those are good leads. I will check them out. Bi-Mart was not on my radar. Will be spending the winter in Tucson. I joined a club in Suarita that shoots field target. I can pick up ammo there but thought I would try here, at least maybe some JSBs. I did have Airguns of Arizona ship identical rifles to my home in Alaska and to my son's home in Albany. I should have had them ship pellets here, too.

Considering how much cheaper I can buy pellets online, I never buy any locally. I buy in 500-1000 packs and price is a huge savings over the local packs of 100-250 pellets.

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