Pellet Gun Violence!

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    Gang violence in Walla Walla, Washington isn't what it used to be. Could this be a side affect of the poor economy? ;)

    Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010
    Crime: Man shot in Walla Walla gang altercation arrested
    By Paula Horton, Herald staff writer

    A Walla Walla man who police say was shot Sunday by a rival gang member was found Monday, arrested and taken to the hospital.

    Marcos Miguel de Jesus, 20, was then booked into the Walla Walla County jail on suspicion of possessing stolen property and multiple outstanding warrants, said Walla Walla police Officer Tim Bennett.

    De Jesus was arrested after a state Department of Corrections officer asked police to help contact de Jesus' brother at his apartment Monday evening.

    The apartment was in the same area where there was a report about shots being fired Sunday night, but at that time officers were not able to find a victim or evidence of a shooting, Bennett said.

    Officers learned a possible victim was someone named "Marco." They suspected it was de Jesus, but weren't able to confirm that until he was contacted at his brother's apartment, he said.

    De Jesus reportedly came out of a room while officers were there and was arrested on the outstanding warrants.

    Officers then learned he had a minor wound to his abdomen, likely from a pellet gun, Bennett said. De Jesus affiliates with a local gang and the suspect in the assault is believed to be a member of a rival gang, Bennett said.

    While DOC officers and Walla Walla police checked the apartment, they also found stolen property from a previously unreported vehicle prowl that occurred Saturday night, he said.

    Other stolen property, including a laptop from Whitman College and items taken in a burglary on Newell Street, also was recovered.

    Detectives and members of the police department's special teams unit continue to investigate the assault.

    Read more: Crime: Man shot in Walla Walla gang altercation arrested - Mid-Columbia News | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news
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    Hey, I love my old Daisy 717, I've never seen any freeheld handgun shoot better groups at 7 yards (yeah, I know the muzzle on the 717 starts out halfway to the bullseye, lol).

    It packs enough power to, usually, penetrate the front of the cardboard box I use for a backyard target

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    Any gang unit cop will tell you they've picked up a few pukes with a pellet or BB gun, especially on tween/younger teens emulating their older peers. At 20 this dude was a little old for those weapons and I'm somewhat surprised he isn't dead yet. They get the replicas for brandishing, which usually works until the other guy has a real firearm.
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    well,pellet guns are quieter than a 'real' gun,just not quite as effective..luckily for this guy.
    He'll be out in no time at all,sadly.

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