Pe Ell Gun Range Near Chehalis.. Anyone a Member?

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    I finally got a hold of the owner and have good understanding of the rules at the range. Unfortunately, it appears the range does not really accommodate pistols shooting and he says Draw shooting is not allowed at the range. The range does seem to cater to bench rifle shooters and having a 500m rifle range on the western side of the Cascades is definitely great to know.

    Is anyone here a member and has any input or comments about the range? Maybe, one day when I get back into longer range rifle shooting I will look to join. At only $30 a year it seems like a great deal if you are a rifle shooter and don't mind doing without a pistol range or bench shooting your pistols.

    For the time being I am going to search out a range that will allow for draw shooting, as that is a discipline I am needing to practice. Considering I will have to drive a couple hours to many of these ranges, I'd probably like to find one that will accommodate all my needs.

    I've found another range in Hoquaim area, Grey's Harbor Rifle club that seems to accommodate most of my needs, but only has a 300yard rifle range. The president told me they are going to eventually expand it out to 600 yards, which sounds exciting, although, who knows when that will happen.
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