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I am slowly amassing parts for a retro 629 Colt carbine style build. I figure I'll pick up the receivers from NoDak and pick up the smaller parts as I go. I'm not looking for brand new parts at retail price. I'm looking for parts that are taking up room in your junk drawer. Here's what I'm looking for:

Photo from Retro Black Rifle www.retroblackrifle.com

Colt CAR handguard, round style (not oval M4 style)
Collapsible CAR style buttstock with tube (already have spring and buffer)
A1 style grip
10.5" or 11.5" barrel assembly with front sight base installed
10.5" barrel with permanently attached 5.5" "moderator" style slot FH
Early A1 style lower receiver parts.
Anything else you can think of or see on the photo I may have forgotten. PM what you have. Not looking for a BCG right now, but other upper receiver parts like charging handle, teardrop forward assist, etc. could be useful...
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