Parler Banned .. Gun Forums Next?

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Folks, this a reminder, we are NOT a political forum!

There are ample outlets to discuss such online, for those whom so wish.

Think before posting, and even more so, prior to replying to political posts OFF TOPIC from firearms & 2A.

There are always “people” whom simply wish to post on forums simply to argue & stir up trouble.

Don’t let yourselves get caught up in “there” game on here. That’s all it is to most of “them”. A game.
It makes me wonder how we ever survived before the internet was invented.

Turn off the computer. Go outside.
Unfortunately, a majority of the people who vote and therefore dictate the laws that will be established in our country use the internet and even greater majority get a lot of their information from it. In a perfect world, we would turn off our computers and all go to the town squares to hear the latest news. Unfortunately, those days are long past.. The internet whether we like it or not is the main pulpit of information and where a lot of the people, especially our younger generation communicate with each other and obtain their information. We cannot fight the tide of society and the internet is the wave of the future. I would go as far as to say people will stop watching television and listening to the radio and will utilize the internet for all their communication. Everything from radio stations, TV channels, newspapers now have gone digital and one day we may not even see paper-based news anymore.

BTW, everything I just wrote was written was written on an "internet" gun forum. Would you ever have known I existed or would we have had the chance to have a conversation had it not been through TCP/IP technology transmitting our data across the country and being hosted on the CloudFlare web server that this site is being hosted on. We can only hope CloudFlare or NameSilo (the Domain registar) of NOrthwest FIrearms will not suddenly decide to shut down this website for "ethical" reasons. Or, perhaps they will feel strong-armed due to the mixing of civil rights with business litigation issues.

@Camelfilter I apologize for this getting political and my goal was to show that shutting down Parler harms the freedoms of all Americans, both conservatives and liberals. Sadly, it seems like people have taken sides and I cannot lie that it seems the left want Parler shut down and shutting down anything with "conservative values", such as gun forums seems to be an agenda they have. I think it will come back to haunt them. I would say the same thing if conservatives wanted to shut down Twitter by force because it promotes too much liberal related issues.

My goal is to promote freedom, liberty and protect our constitutional freedoms to all Americans. I also do not think these technocrats at the end of the day are loyal to anyone but themselves. They see an opportunity to repress our freedoms and empower their authority they will find any means to achieve it. I don't even think Jeff Bezos or Amazon truly was against Parler, rather I feel they felt their company's power and authority were threatened by Parler. I believe if Jeff Bezos could aqcuire the power to dictate our lives and control us he would certainly enforce it no different than any other autocratic dictator.

These people have money and power beyond our imaginations and their empires are growing..

Here is Jeff Bezos worth:
$182 billion

Here is the GDP of Kenya:
$95.5 billion

Jeff Bezos is twice as wealthy as the entire nation of Kenya..

Here is Amazon's GDP:
$280 billion

These companies have a significant amount of power and I certainly think will wield it in a way that will try to circumvent our Constitution and civil liberties and will eventually come to haunt every American, whether liberal or conservative. However, it does seem that certain people support censoring Parler, gun forums and other conservative talkers.. I think every American and any "true liberal" should be against such infringement of our rights. The internet is more essential today than a landline phone, yet phone companies have many more restrictions on who they can and cannot give phone service to than internet companies who basically act as the reservoir for a majority of our communication in the modern world. Not just that, but they certain influence our elections, our government entities and dictate legal policy in our country. That alone completely separates them from a private business and puts them into the realm of National Security and intermixing with fundamental rights and our nation's sovereignty.

BTW.. If Twitter would have censored Bernie Sanders, for example, because they didn't agree with him, I would have probably been just out spoken, because if you censor one person exercising their 1st Amendment liberties in the end the overlords will pick and choose who is allowed to speak and it will be to appease themselves. Look at Soviet Russia, Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany, Castro's Cuba and Politburo run China. It always ends up the same way.
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made in china

Twitter continues to allow:
  • China to praise their policy of forcibly sterilizing women
  • VP Harris to fundraise for people who are literally imprisoned for literally rioting
  • Random people to make death threats against right-leaning people
  • Tweets promoting genocide of the jews in Israel
  • Many other things that are just as bad or worse than what Parler allowed.
Twitter has many many antifa accounts, one of which has posted pics of people that were at the Capitol on 1-6, not necessarily those that partook in the melee, but those that were in the general area, they are trying to dox them.

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