PAKOL - Masoud Mujahideen Wool Hat


What a should a snappy dresser like you wear on your noggin when
you go out in woods with your favorite AK?
-Your 'Coon skin hat? no way.!
-A Stetson?... seriously?

What you need is...a genuine PAKOL Chitrali Masoud Mujahideen
Military Wool Hat!
-One size fits any good proletariat hat should!
-It's a brownish/greenish/tannish color, so don't drop it in the bush 'cuz ya
may never find it again.

They sell for around $15-20 on Amazon or EBay, but make me an acceptable offer in cash or stuff, and you can be the lucky insurgent to pay for postage to the People's Postal or evil Corporate Package Svc. and get this lovely hat. It's 100% quality wool, just the thing to impress your best ewe on a chilly Saturday night.
The only way to get one for less is to shoot an infidel (but NOT in the head).

upload_2017-3-20_22-23-15.png oo upload_2017-3-20_22-24-50.png

Yes... I'm really selling this, just thought I'd have fun with the ad.;).. And, you aren't required to actually own an AK!
Even if you don't plan on wearing it, you can use as a tea cozy, or a bun warmer, keep the TV remote in, you name it.....
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How I got it?

Version 1---I took it off a dead Chechen Prison guard while I fought to escape a nasty interrogation by Russian backed insurgents. I was awarded the UN medal for heroism posthumously, for rescuing the General's favorite goat during my
fight for freedom (rampant chickens on a field of fries...with oak leaves!)
Version 2---An exchange student from Uzbekistan, stayed with us for a semester two years ago,...and gave it to me.

If you haven't figured it's a hint....
It's # 2
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Speaking of "Black Pajamas,
While growing up , we had among our cats , a slender , muscular all black cat with a big attitude.
Always being the twisted history nerd that I am ...He was aptly named "Charlie".
My neighbor who served several tours in VietNam found it hilarious.


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