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Buster Beaver Cerakote


From my personal safe I am offering two Remington 870 Express (25589) 26 inch magnum chambered 12 gauge shotguns that have never been fired. They both have a Carlson Plus 2 Extension so capacity will be 6+1 and both have a side mount for forward sling attachment. They are threaded for Remington chokes and I am sure I can find them for you.

This is how I will proceed, it is not hard to follow I promise! For $460 the buyer will pick one or two solid colors of Cerakote (I will happily distress as a bonus on top) applied to the receiver, barrel, magazine tube, extension and attachment. I will turn them around in three business days from background, or you can order online and have it complete and waiting for you.

If you want to take it a bit further I am always willing to be talked into some challenges. Other considerations: Microslick applied to the bolt, Cerakote the stock & forestock, double your carry capacity to 12+1 (I have a +8 carbon fiber extension that could be part of a great color scheme), keep it simple or go crazy, I am ready to put a beautiful scattergun in your hands that won't give a stick of bubblegum about the weather.

:s0023:If this sounds like a win for you then reach out and we can figure out your colors and when you want to do your background check.



The last one of this model I had sold for $397. No extension, no sling attachment, no Cerakote. It did however have a box. :rolleyes: (I am really bad at saving boxes.) What would I chose for paint? For versatility I would opt for a mil spec green with either a mud brown or desert sand distressing done somewhat harshly. That would offer a good break up pattern, but not look out of place to use it for many types of game. 1594950764813.png
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