Pair of Black Powder .44's

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    I know that you wanted to be a pistolero as a kid. Now here's your chance ...

    I currently have a pair of steel framed .44 cap/ball 1858 Remington New Army Revolvers mfd. by Pietta of Italy for sale/trade. One is blued, the other is stainless. Both are fine shooters. I originally purchased these two steel frames with the intention of dropping in the new cylinders to convert them .45Long Colts, but just never got around to it. If you pick these up and obtain the conversion cylinders, you'd have yourself a nice pair of .45's without all that annoying and intrusive paperwork.

    The blued one is a apparently a target model and is in extremely fine condition with the exception of a little bit of rust (?) that effected the blueing. According to the former owner, he purchased this revolver from Cabela's, fired one cylinder worth out of it and placed it into long term storage. He said the damage to the blueing was aqquired during the storage process. Beyond this cosmetic blemish, this is a nice black powder pistol, is accurate and it's a blast to shoot.

    The stainless gun is my favorite of the two, but needs its cylinder pin replaced. (The part is inexpensive, and is available from VTI, but I never got around to it). Despite that, it functions well, locks up tight and of course, shoots straight. It's just require extra effort to remove the cylinder. I don't know much about its background, beyond the fact that I bought it on GunBroker and had it shipped in from Arizona a few years ago.

    These are $175 each or I'll sell the pair for $350 and throw in some powder, lots of balls, a couple hundred caps, a powder measure, a brand new ball cast, an un-used casting pot and whatever else I might have to go with them that I forgot about it.

    As these are black powders and are not classed as firearms, they can be shipped discreetly right to your door at cost. (I'd recommend insurance, of course).

    Alternatively, I'd entertain an interesting trade. Currently looking for an HMR 17, AK47, SKS's, VZ58, a pump or semi-auto .410 and Tokerov TT's (or clones), but I'm open.

    Photos coming soon.
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