paintballers? Tippmann A5 full auto package deal!!!

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    This Tippmann A5 was purchased roughly a month and half ago from the paintball store in downtown Gresham and has never been to the field for an actual game, due to my current situation I cannot currently pursue paintball and I need my money back, I bought it with the Response Trigger upgrade (installed at the shop), I will also include a RAP4 M4 adjustable stock, two 9oz Co2 tanks and one 3000 psi 48cu Pure Energy high pressure air tank which has only been filled and used once for backyard shooting. The manufacture date on the HPA tank is 3-09 so it does not need hydrotesting, this gun performs just fine and really spits balls with the response trigger, I do not currently have any air in the tanks so if you want to try before you buy I suggest you bring your own, I do guarantee this gun works perfect though!

    it's on craigslist for $220 but since everybody here is a gun enthusiast $210, just the gun alone costs $230 with the full auto capability, will consider partial trades for ammo. FTF in Portland metro area/Vancouver only!

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