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    Paintball guns/gear/accessories
    So after beating myself up for what I've decided is enough years I've decided to concentrate on some hobbies that are easier on me. That means I have a ton of paintball gear to get rid of basically.
    First setup
    Ion gun with a CP regulator, CP on/off Asa, carbon fibre barrel, q-lock feed neck, nitro duck 4500 psi fibre tank with a dye cover, evolution 2 hopper(eggy), and I have several masks that I'd let you choose from.
    Price on this one is 350 obo

    Second setup
    Proto rail
    After market trigger and trigger gaurd, CP on/off Asa, CCM low rise feed neck, steel braided air line.
    Has the factory two peice proto barrel, and I also have an empire full barrel kit too. I've just always use the proto instead.
    I also have a fibre tank with cover, hopper, and mask for this one as well.
    Price is 375 obo

    I also have lots of other extras for sale too. Pods, packs, masks, extra hoppers, paint etc...

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