Pacific 155 12 gauge reloader--missing part

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by robertseaweed, May 8, 2013.

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  1. robertseaweed

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    Hello Everyone.I go by robertseaweed for my ID. I am new to this site and hope someone maybe can help me get a part for mu Pacific 12 ga 155 reloader.
    The "L" section that bolts on to the lower section of the square tube shaft that is the backbone of the unit. I need the complete section from the l piece to the fingers that aline the wad to the shell so it inserts smoothly. Other than that this unit is in perfect shape. If some one has these parts from and old parts machine or maybe knows of one I could maybe adapt to my unit please let me know.I have already checked with Hornady and they tell me nothing is available due to being discontinued.I am pretty good with adapteing parts as I have worked in machine shops,welding and brazing so if any one has anything I could use to hold the plastic alignment fingers from newer unit it would be a great help to me.
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    Good day Robertseaweed,

    Welcome aboard here. NWFA is a great site to belong to and as a Moderator I am going to move your thread into the gunsmithing section where our members go for questions and many times get the right answer(s) they need.

    Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the site. Your question will be only read by a few here in the introduction.

    Welcome aboard!

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    I grew up on a farm and more than once got my hands on a piece of machinery missing a part. I found it to be a fun challenge to make the necessary parts. A piece of cake, relatively speaking, if I had a picture or diagram.

    Here's a site that has some nice pictures of what you need Pacific DL-155

    Perhaps you can fabricate the "bracket" and utilize a wad holder from either a MEC shotshell loader or a current Hornady 366 loader.

    It would appear that the only tools necessary would be a vise, drill press, hole saw, and good file.

    Short of finding the actual replacement part some "fabricating" might be in order along with some trial and error.
  4. matts

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    i have a 12 guage model and a 20 guage model i would sell u the pair fro 85 dollars
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