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    I recently purchased a used but in good condition Ruger P345. I have only shot it once, and only 100 rds, but so far really like it.

    However, I had a few FTF and 2 failures(in 100rds) to chamber all the way on the last round. I am suspecting bad magazines. I had FTF on the last round right of the bat with the first 2 mags. The next few that occurred where intermittent. The failures to chamber were random. I am not positive, but it seems to FTF when I do not consciously insure that the last round is seated all the way back in the mag.

    Also, the slide failed to lock open on the last round twice. The gun threw all 100 pieces of spent brass in to a nice neat pile 4ft to the right; no problems getting the rounds out of the chamber(including no misfires).

    Whether the mags are the problem or not, I have already order 2 more, if only for the fact that it is better to have 4 mags then just 2(right:D??). I am also thinking of replacing the springs in the current mags that I have with new ones.

    Anyone with P345 experience ever have the same problem? Is this a known issue with the P345? Do bad mags sound like a good place to start or should I look at something else as the cause?

    Thanks in advance

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