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Separating things out by firearm to facilitate searching.

This didn’t start as an X-Change kit, but I’m offering it as the equivalent of one. There are a few choices, so here’s what I’ve got:
  • Factory Hard Case
  • X-Compact medium black grip
  • One 15-round 9mm Magazine
  • Recoil spring assembly
  • 9mm Compact threaded barrel (factory M13.5x1 LH)
  • Ameriglo Spartan Operator night sights (orange surround on front, black surround on rear dots - approx 1.5yrs old)
  • Compact 3.9” 9mm slide (see options below)

Now, for the slide, I’ve got two options. Both are factory slides. One is all original, factory black Nitron. The other has had window cuts milled in the sides where the slide normally says “Sig Sauer P320” and has been cerakoted in Sniper Grey.
  • Kit price with regular nitron slide - $380
  • Kit price with window-cut slide - $420

Whichever slide is not picked up by the kit buyer will be available as a stripped slide (no internal parts or sights). I’d like to sell the kit first though.

I also have available:
Compact/Carry 9mm recoil spring assembly - like new, larger end with two flat sides - $25

Pictures show the grip mocked up (without an FCU installed) with either slide, to give you an idea how the Compact slide matches up with the XCompact grip, and to see the nice contrast of the grey slide against the black grip. Note that currently the internals and sights are installed in the grey window-cut slide - if the buyer wants the other slide I’ll swap all the parts over (sights are installed using an MGW Sight Pro pusher with correct shoes and centered using a caliper - no drift punches in my shop).

All prices are shipped (some of them are basically going to cover my shipping costs). I ship USPS First Class (when under 16oz) or Priority, with tracking provided either way.

I take discreet (i.e. don’t comment anything, and don’t include your address in the transaction) PayPal gift/FF, or you can add 4% for PayPal vendor transaction (still, no comments about gun parts). If you don’t do PayPal, there’s always USPS Money Order, but that does take longer for you to get your stuff (I ship when payment is in my hands). Also willing to do cash face-to-face if you’re near willingness to travel for a sale is directly proportional to the amount of that sale.

I think I’ve got things listed for fair prices, but if there’s something out of line (or something you want to haggle on), then go ahead and reach out. The worst I can say is no...

PM me if you are interested.

ED7D256C-6622-45CA-BDED-BE2C91C97F77.jpeg 9AC79591-C9E7-448A-BD80-98B5E7685B52.jpeg DA07D03B-C693-4632-BC63-86FE76E4346E.jpeg 7BFA1BB9-9F72-4424-A621-C9D622BB01E9.jpeg 1576205D-1245-49EC-A78F-8F23DFF90E80.jpeg 806F8ABA-0358-4346-B407-DC8BBE45CFE3.jpeg 6C568C0A-9524-4F7D-B87F-5C2A29F846BA.jpeg 9E962E85-E451-40A0-A1D2-FB2DD3359852.jpeg B7E0E1C5-7401-431F-BD3F-250B9B78353E.jpeg 533C6CD0-89AD-4EFC-8D5F-8E107D54644E.jpeg 64F74661-490F-4DA5-B5BE-2D6242472BE9.jpeg
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