P250 2SUM in 9MM / FEG AP66

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by azraelcervale, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. azraelcervale

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    I bought the Sig 2Sum set about a month ago and after taking it to the range I've decided it's just not for me.
    For those that don't know the P250 is a spurless hammer fired DAO pistol. Because of that I just don't like the extremely long pull before every shot. I've only put about 30 rounds through the full size barrel and 10 through the compact barrel. I actually like the compact better for shooting though it makes little sense since the trigger mechanism is the same.

    I'll sell the set and holster (compact RH IWB) for $525 or trade for things listed below or maybe something else. Don't offer trades if you want cash on my end because i'm out at the moment. I have a small FEG that I will be listing that I can throw in for the right trade.

    Meeting will need to take place around Bremerton, Tacoma, or Seattle.
    I'll need to see a WDL or CWL.

    .44 Magnum, .454 or .460, preferably a short barrel (4" or less)
    XD or XDm in .45

    If you have something else you think I might like let me know. If I don't like it I will politely say no.
    All trades must be .45, .357 Magnum .44 Magnum, 9mm.

    Please be aware that this is a set of 2 grips and 2 barrel and slide assemblies but only 1 trigger assembly.This is the way the set comes from Sign.

    Also if you do not have any feedback then you will need the recommendation of another member that does.


    Selling this little FEG AP66 in .32 ACP. It looks like the frame has been redone at some point. Other than the SN on the frame and slide and a few very light inspection stamps there are no stamps or marks on it. I'm looking to get $200 for it. I think it may need a new magazine or tweaking to this one the rounds don't seem to feed correctly all the time, it's usually the first or last round. The FEG will also come with the extra springs from a Wolff spring kit that I installed.

    Meeting will need to take place around Bremerton, Tacoma, or Seattle.
    I'll need to see a WDL or CWL.

    Possible trades would be an interesting rifle. preferably in a common caliber.

    Here is some info on the pistol.
    Hungarian Weapons FEG Femaru Hege Pistols

  2. lavendr

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    Is this still available. I am very interested.
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