P226 Elite

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by CrossHairs, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Got to fondle one at the new Fishermans by Washington Square last weekend. Wow! What a really great feeling from that aluminum grip! I've got an older P226 (standard) with the plastic grips. I'm going to send it into SIG for an E2 conversion...but I have to say, I've been lusting over that Elite. It just does not feel like the same gun, and the Short Reset Trigger combined with the new grip arrangement for this year places the trigger a 'lot' closer for my hands.....Mmmm! I see a new purchase at some point in the future.

    Anyone got anything to add about the Elite?

    Anything you have come across recently that has made you reach for the wallet?
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    Great taste! I especially love the beavertail on the elite! It just looks sexy! And yes I just (3+ months ago) ordered a Wilson CQB Compact and it should be here tomorrow! Fingers crossed! Oh and as for the P226 Elite, if I had found one before I ordered the Wilson you can bet I'd let you try it out. Oh well, hopefully $1000 will fall into my lap and I can get one too! Very nice looking guns and the trigger is great as well. If you do end up picking one up you better post some pictures for us to drool over!

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