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OWSer fired AK at White House

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by A.I.P., Nov 16, 2011.

  1. A.I.P.

    A.I.P. UpperUS Active Member

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    Bullet That Hit White House Recovered Days After Shooting Incident & AK-47 Found
    Posted on November 16, 2011 at 7:10am by Jonathon M. Seidl Print »Email »
    WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — The Secret Service says a bullet hit an exterior window of the White House and was stopped by ballistic glass.

    An additional round of ammunition was also found on the exterior of the White House. The bullets were found Tuesday.

    The discovery follows reports of gunfire near the White House on Friday. Witnesses heard shots and saw two speeding vehicles in the area. An AK-47 rifle was also recovered.

    The Secret Service says it has not conclusively connected Friday’s incident with the bullets found on the White House grounds. U.S. Park Police have an arrest warrant out for Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, who is believed to be connected to the earlier incident.

    ABC has more on Ortega-Hernandez, who is described as mentally ill:

    Oscar Ortega
    Police believe the suspect, 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega of Idaho, is mentally ill. Ortega has an extensive record, ranging from domestic violence to drug charges. Sources say a police investigation has uncovered evidence suggesting Ortega has a fixation on the White House.


    It’s unclear whether Ortega is capable of launching a sophisticated attack, but police are still fearful of what he might do next.

    Authorities suspect Ortega has been in the area for weeks, coming back and forth to the Washington Mall. Before the shooting, he was detained by local police at an abandoned house. U.S. Park police say Ortega may have spent time blending in with Occupy D.C. protesters.

    The Washington Times reported about the initial incident on Sunday:

    Investigators were led to Mr. Ortega shortly after the incident after examining evidence found in a vehicle abandon about seven blocks west of the incident, near the base of the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge.

    Authorities say the White House did not appear to have been targeted.

    Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said witnesses heard shots and saw two vehicles racing west on Constitution Avenue.
    He confirmed an AK-47 assault rifle was recovered and that witnesses saw one driver abandon a vehicle, then run across the bridge toward Arlington.

    Mr. Ortega is thought to be living in the area and having ties to Idaho. He is described as a white-Hispanic male, about 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds with brown eyes and black hair.
  2. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot Clack Co. OR Well-Known Member

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    A window was shot out and they found additional ammo or spent bullets on site. He has a fixation on the White House. And yet,

    "Authorities say the White House did not appear to have been targeted".
  3. supergenius

    supergenius 206 Active Member

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    I heterosexual go buy another couple kalishnikovs NOW... Before they are even more evil
  4. CharonPDX

    CharonPDX Portland, OR Active Member

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    "may have spent time blending in" doesn't sound like they consider him an actual OWS protester, but rather someone who used the cover of OWS for some reason. Yes, there are "left wing nutjobs" just as there are "right wing nutjobs." Just because they exist doesn't mean ALL people with OWS beliefs are terrorists, any more than Jared Loughner is proof of the Tea Party being full of criminally insane people. He attended one Tea Party protest once. He was nuts before then, just as this guy was likely nuts (excuse me, "mentally ill,") before visiting OWS.
  5. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    He was arrested in PA.
  6. rufus

    rufus State of Jefferson Well-Known Member

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    Jared Loughner is one of your left wing nutjobs.
  7. jdub75

    jdub75 PNW Well-Known Member

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    misleading title on this post. OP work for a major news org? :)
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  8. swoop

    swoop Milwaukie, Oregon Well-Known Member

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  9. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Probably hired by BATF to show how unstable gun owners are and we need more gun laws to prevent it. Project "Gunshooter"?
  10. locobob

    locobob Beaverton, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Wow no kidding... what's up with the huge leap of assumption? Looks to me like the guy was a nut-ball plain and simple.
  11. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    I call BS on this one this guy was set up and is a patsy it's all for obamas election run . This guy shot from 800 yards he was lucky to hit any thing (if he did) He left his car some where and they found it,and how did they know this guy was the that did the shooting??
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  12. Misterbill

    Misterbill Yakima County, Washington New Member

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    No, he's a crazy wacko who among other people, revered Hitler..as you recall, NOT a lefty.
  13. Kevatc

    Kevatc Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Nut job? YES. Left wing? Right wing? ****, he has no idea what his political ideology is.