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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Just Jim, Aug 2, 2015.

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    I found a friend on Facebook that I worked with. Nice fellow and our two families had great times together. Job finished and economy went to hell with him and his family moving back east to find work. Just got in contact today and looking forward to that old times talk, hunted a lot with him and a few others on the crew. :D
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    I don't have a Facebook account, but borrowed my daughter's when I found an old friend had one. Australian guy I used to teach skiing with at Tahoe, long time ago. I was the best man at his wedding, they've since split. He's been back in Australia since the Tahoe days, but thanks to Facebook we touched base. You can't pick your relatives, but you can pick your friends. Don't loose contact.
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    It's nice when a guy can hold his head up 30 years later; it pays the best dividens to be a good man Jim.:)
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    As an older fart (than many here) and moving from state to state, I've reconnected with more than a few long past friends after extended gaps. And I've learned an interesting lesson therein... to "save" something!

    More than a few times, I talked with old buddies on the phone and we jabbered for hours, wrapping up with promises to get together soon. But after all that catching up, we'd sort of covered enough common ground to let it fall off again for another 5-10 years - if that makes any sense. Almost like Harry Chapin's song Cat's Cradle.

    Don't get me wrong, any contact with old friends is great. But catching up in person, if at all possible, is the best!

    However it works out, have a great time reconnecting with your buddy and his family!
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    I've found it to be really interesting to hook up with old friends. Especially after 40 years. Most of my FB friends are from high school. (I just got on the FB thing last year). Wow! To see who they are now, compared to who they were back then, is really mind opening. Some have never changed, some have. Some stayed hippies, some stayed country. Those who were wild then are still wild now. Others who have had such life changing experiences have really changed and are now 'die-hard' believers in their 'missions'. And some have stayed steady and true, like the rock they were back then.

    Funny part is, is that I don't care if they are the same or different now. What's important is that we had shared a part of our lives that was really cool and none of us cared what our political beliefs, or how 'correct" we were. Sure, I shake my head at some of them now, but, I still remember who they were and that's good enough for me to still be friends.

    They make a great audience to extend invitations to believe in our 1st and 2nd amendment rights! (See, I'm like one of them. Got my political beliefs and don't give a damn about how 'correct' I am)!

    Memories. Can't live without 'em!
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    Oh I sent him some pictures of him years ago and of his family. Really feels great catching up with old friends and we are going to have a lot to talk about. Old hunting stories and people we used to work with. He is still married to the same woman so he must have it all figured out.

    Taught him how to reload a very long time ago. He went on to teaching hunters safety courses.
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