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    This country is generally polarized into two camps - loosely referred to as "Liberal" and Conservative." These two groups look at things differently. For example, the popularity of "Talk Radio."
    When a Liberal hears something on the radio he doesn't like, he calls for it to be banned! When A Conservative hears something he doesn't like, he changes to another station.
    Lately, Liberals have been pushing to get Conservative talk programs kicked off of the radio. They are not content that they have almost 100% control of TV news and Amd America's newspapers. They want to control EVERYTHING! Of course, there is nothing new about that! That was every day business for the Nazis, Communists and every other despotic dictatorship in history! They want to Regulate what YOU can hear!
    The Founding Fathers of America knew this and thus they wrote the Right to freedom of Speech into the First Amendment to the US Constitution. The purpose of this Amendment was NOT to protect POPULAR speech (this needs no protection), but to protect the RIGHT of anybody to have a dissenting view. They felt that the Right to cover ALL sides of an issue should be protected.
    But, Liberals HATE competition. They would outlaw ALL Conservative programming. This would include political programming such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. It would remove Tom Gresham and his Gun Talk program. We would be spoon fed Liberal pap with no way to hear anything that was not ran through the Liberal Spin mills.
    And, of course, they are trying to take over the Internet. If they succeed, there will be no more NORTHWEST FIREARMS or any of the other gun and Survival related sites.
    I think perilous threats to our freedom are coming if these thugs are not stopped. We had better hang together or - well, you know!
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    Wow. Are they at it again with the talk radio thing? I have been so busy I haven't been able to keep up. If something like that came to pass, it would be my opinion that it would be time to take our country back. We would no longer be able to pretend that we still had our bill of rights in tact, or that we were the same great nation our families have built. I would hope that even the most liberal among us here wouldn't support that.

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