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    Some more detail to Daevid's inquiry.

    We actually drove through and maybe past Sultan on Hwy 2, made a left on a road (can't remember the name) heading north, drove about 10 miles through what appears to be an old logging road. Where we were shooting was not exactly a pit. It was more of a clearing of some sort. There was a gravel road that lead to the clearing, but there were 3 deep trenches dug into the road keep cars out. Once you go 100 meters past the trenches, there's a flat gravel area where we set up tables and target stands. There is a hill side that made a great back stop 200 meter past the flat area.

    So I'm curious as well. As far as I know, we were on DNR land, not within city limits, and not discharging within 500 feet near a camp site, so I presume discharging a firearm would not be illegal. If anything we would be in trouble for trespassing.

    Can anyone with insight fill us in on the facts? I guess for now since we have questions and concerns, until they are addressed, we won't go back. :(
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    Since you're confident it's DNR land I would call the office nearest to that location and ask if you're allowed to shoot there.

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