outdoor range has sight-in days this Sat, the 11th

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    Hi all
    wolverton gun club has their sight in days,this saturday the 11th. small range fee applies,not sure what it is.
    normally it's 'members only' except on open range day or sight in days.
    Usually I take other guns along too,handguns for me,sight in my long gun and then if ok with ro , shoot on pistol range.
    IT's about 25 minutes east of woodland,wa,going towards cougar.
    for anyone looking for a range with very 'open' policies,my range is a good one...open gate,go shoot,clean up and leave.almost no one there during the week.
    3 covered ranges..25,50,and 135 yards.wood stove,micorwaves.
    you can also shoot trap there bring ur own trap.
    usually booked on Sat for some reason,my one day off. :(
    sundays usually open.
    they have a calendar and application on their website.


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