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Outdoor Emporium

Discussion in 'Washington Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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  2. chuckbiscuits

    chuckbiscuits West Seattle New Member

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    Since I prefer to buy older, used .22s, Outdoor Emporium is not really the best place to shop. That being said, I did find my Remington 37 (with a Lyman 15x Super TargetSpot scope) there. Less than $700 OTD! The shop is very close to where I live/work, so unless I want to drive to Renton (Ben's Loans) or Bothell (DJ's), this is where I go to get my "gun fix". They usually have a pretty decent array of ammo (for Seattle), although their prices are nothing to write home about. Great safe selection, and no sales tax on safe purchases!

  3. B-Towner

    B-Towner Western Washington Member

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    I've bought two handguns here. I think their prices are pretty good, though I haven't been to Ben's Loans. The people who work at Outdoor Emporium are helpful and don't have an attitude.
  4. comor

    comor Seattle New Member

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    In there all the time. Atleast twice a week. Best prices on ammo I have found in Seattle. Gun counter staff has a verry nice dosposition. Always verry helpfull and friendly, no matter how bussy or temporarily short staffed they are, someone is along soon to help. Never left standing there woundering if they notice me. Nice selection of guns, well priced I might add. I have let a few coworkers in on it and it's there new favorite spot. Also love sport co, there sister store. All around great group of people. Highly recommend them. Way better then some "discount" gun stores out there.

    P.S. Save yourself the headache and park in the ally.
  5. Truenorth

    Truenorth Pacific Northwet Active Member

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    Good store, good selection. Helpful staff and hands down the best Sig Sauer prices I've found in WA state.
  6. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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    It's a big store cluttered with clothing, camping and hunting gear, with a large selection of guns right at the back. It's a gun store in downtown Seattle, so I have to like it. Also the staff have been pretty friendly.