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    Instagram photo rattles OCHS student's life

    This is the conclusion?! J'Accuse! You are screwed?
    "Parents should talk to their children about the consequences of bullying and “also the ramifications of taking ill-advised photos. Kids have always made mistakes, and we’ve always forgiven them. We’ll just have to come to terms with forgiving kids who are recorded making their mistakes in the future,” he said."

    "Administrators showed her an Instagram photo that was brought in by another student, who said it showed George drinking at a party. "

    "George repeatedly told the administration that she had not been drinking, and pointed out there was no alcoholic beverage in the photo. She brought in her mother, Panadda George, who supported her daughter, but to no avail.

    “I was posing jokingly, lying on the ground, clutching my phone, but someone told the administration I had been drinking, and they would not tell me who gave them the photo,” George said.

    “She was just goofing around, being a kid,” her mom said.

    But, in spite of the fact that George told administrators she was being accused of something she did not do, she was told she wasn’t fit to run for student-body president."
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    If I were her parents I would keep doing what they are doing, make as much noise and become the biggest PITA they can. Joining and leading the student council, especially president can lead to scholarships, looks good on college and work applications. I wouldn't stand for it. Regardless, cameras are ubiquitous in the world today, you have to be careful what you allow them to catch.

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