[OT] Spokane Vets, Roller Derby in your honor

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    One of the Spokane flat track roller derby leagues, the Spokannibals, is hosting a "Red White and Bruised" roller derby double header this Saturday at the skating rink in the valley.

    First bout is a junior bout, followed by an adult bout of the Spokannibals vs. a team from Everett, the Camaro Harem. Vets with ID get in for $5, otherwise people can get the rundown on the prices for will-call or whatnot at the following link.

    Red, White and Bruised Roller Derby!

    Veteran Honor Guard will be doing the flag walk-in; not sure if that'll happen before the first or the second bout in advance of Veteran's Day (observed.)

    What does this have to do with guns? There'll probably be one or two in attendance. Plus you have the opportunity to support some girls working hard as part of a non-profit. Plus flat track derby is a blast.

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