OT defense NUB MOD for safariland ALS holsters

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    MODS, if this is not cool, delete and let me know please.

    Let me preface this by stating that I am not a subject matter expert. The manufacturer of these is a friend, a veteran, and a genuinely good dude. He is a local Oregonian. Now to the meat and potatoes. I'll attach photos at the end.

    Micah started developing this to help increase the tactile feel of his ALS holsters and to speed his draw. The end of his thumb was shot off during the second battle for Fallujah, and since then he has carried forward a mindset of "how can I make this gear as foolproof as possible?". You can contact him at OTdefense.com to get the full story from him if you like, I don't feel comfortable telling his story for him, but I will give my two cents.

    I obtained a couple of the prototypes to use, and now have production models. Once again, I'm not a subject matter expert, just a guy who shoots a moderate amount in uspsa, and the occasional IDPA and three gun match along with 1-2 classes a year. I was a swat medic for a short period of time as well. I'm a career firefighter paramedic, and I will do my best to stay in my lane while giving this review.

    The nub mod is hard anodized matte black aluminum. Fit and finish are very nice with no sharp edges or miss cut metal on my samples. Packaging is clean, simple and they came with an allen wrench for attaching the nub mod to your holster.

    The nub mod is easy to attach to the holster, and requires no modification of your holster. Attaching the mod took less than 2 minutes, and probably closer to 1 minute.

    Upon using the nub mod, I found that my draw stroke felt quicker, and more intuitive. I have smallish hands for a semi-grown adult male. I have moderately sized palms, and distinctly cadet sized (see short and stubby) fingers and thumbs. I don't want to say I had to search for the retention release on my ALS during my draw stroke, because I didn't. With the nub mod in place however, it is very obvious when you make contact with the release, and it did seem to speed up my draw speed, especially with gloves. (It did not improve my shooting). I found that when simulating a immobilizing injury to my strong side, the nub mod made it easier for me to access and draw my pistol with my off hand. I can see this being an even bigger factor if one has to reach across a plate carrier, vest etc. .

    The factory design for the ALS is a great design, however the reversed angle of the release button from the factory means your thumb will hit the release higher up on your thumb. So instead of having to tighten your grip, or draw your thumb back to release, you are activating the release simply by grabbing the gun.

    These are just my observtions on what I think is a pretty cool product. He offers a 30 day return policy, and if you are LE or active duty MIL, he offers a discount, you just have to email him. Off topic, he offers classes to folks in Oregon, Washington and Idaho also, but that's a different review.

    Here are a couple pics and a link to his site.







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