OSU College Republicans: Second Amendment Week

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    My name is David Del Moro. I am the President of College Republicans at Oregon State University. Every year we host an event on campus that promotes gun safety and gun ownership in a responsible manner. We encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try to make people feel comfortable around firearms. Every year we host a free Concealed Handgun Licensing (free to all student and faculty w/ school I.D.) class as well as a safety class. The biggest part of the week is that we raffle off a rifle to help support our club and our Amendments. This year we were hoping to do two guns. We would like to have an AR-15 and a 12ga. Shotgun. We want there to be lots of opportunities for people to win and have a fun time with free give-a ways and Lars Larson will be hopefully coming to promote our cause.

    Like I said, we are hoping to have at least two guns and stuff on the side like ammo, knifes, lights that people can win; but we need help. If anyone has any ideas or would be willing to donate or even want to participate please let me know.

    Email address:

    Thank you very much and I hope you have a nice day!
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    Well since this is your FIRST post......maybe point to this thread from last year: http://www.northwestfirearms.com/ev...publicans-presents-second-amendment-week.html

    Give more details: Date, times, location(s), cost of tickets, etc.....

    Or maybe this old link: College Republicans Celebrate Second Amendment Week with Rifle Auction | KEZI

    Or maybe this: Oregon State University 2nd Amendment Week | Facebook

    Did you talk with John aka "PromptCritical" who did this the last few years?

    Show a pic of what you did last year........
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    Hey David,

    Yeah, pretty much what Civil said. Also note his name on the donors list.

    Online forums are an interesting culture.
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    Please do give A LOT more details about this event. As an OSU alum myself, I would like to perhaps attend this function, and also donate a raffle prize or two. Do you have a website link or additional info anywhere??

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