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Ortwein International and what I'm doing.

Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by coctailer, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    Many of you know already, I am strategically moving to Michigan.
    This is an expansion operation.
    The reasons:
    A: my mom, although in good health, is getting old. She is almost 80, and I would like to be near her. I would regret it if I wasn't around to enjoy her if (God forbid, she died). My dad passed in 1993 and I miss him every day.
    B: I deal with many LE agencies in the midwest, and it would help to be able to be closer to service them.
    C: its super cheap to buy a house. I bought a kick-a$$ place for pennies.(no, not anywhere near Detroit) Actually about 2.5 hours away from that dump. its in Hastings Michigan.
    D: This opens up new markets for the products I sell.
    E: I believe that my income is in jeopardy if the economy does another 2008 thing, and Oregon is not sustainable for my lifestyle and choice of career.
    F: As dumb as it sounds, its closer to Germany. The flights are shorter, and we still maintain a home there.
    g: I love change. (not in the Obama way) just the chance to mix life up. I have a lust for life. Adventure and travel.

    Will you ever see me again?
    A: Yes. I will be here in OR and WA 1-2 weeks out of every month. I AM NOT CLOSING SHOP on my Oregon or Washington offices.
    B: I may miss the August and September PDX gun shows, (they are only 2 weeks apart, and traditionally pretty slow anyway) but I will be at the October, November, and all the other PDX shows.
    C: I will be commuting back and forth every month to manage my accounts, so I will be around for beers.

    What does this mean for you guys that have NFA items in my safe for transfer, and can I buy stuff through you still?
    A: Yes, you can still buy NFA items and firearms from me. Northwest Armory also carries the Silencerco/SWR products I sell also. I am a distributor for them, so you will get the same price there.
    B: NFA Transfers will go on like usual.(retarded wait times)
    C: PDX Gunshow handgun transfers will still happen at my office like normal the days following the gun show.
    D: Regrettably. I don't see doing transfers of online gun purchases, unless there is a method I haven't thought about. I won't be in the office like normal to receive packages.

    Will coctailer still be a moderator on NWFA?
    Yes. I will still be a mod here. I don't do a very good job of it because I'm always busy now, but I love it here.

    What is the "Expansion Operation?"
    My plan is to have offices in Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Florida, and Texas.(Ya, ther are better places, I know, but these ones are easier for me to get set up in)
    New Hampshire is on the radar as well mainly because of the Free State Project. Google it.

    Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. accessbob

    accessbob Molalla, OR 2A Supporter

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    Best wishes for it to all work out well.
  3. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    I've expanded before, but it didnt involve moving my family a bajillion miles across the country.
  4. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    Cool. Glad to see you can expand and do something you want to do.

    Hope it works out well.
  5. PBinWA

    PBinWA Clark County Well-Known Member

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    Congrats on the big changes - I'm sure you will do well! PB
  6. DieselScout

    DieselScout S Clackamas County Well-Known Member

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    I wish you the best in your endeavors, both with the move and your personal life.
  7. Modly

    Modly Beaverton Active Member

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    Hey.... I resemble that dump. :p

    It sure is dirt cheap to live back in MI though. My brother just moved back from California. He makes about 60% of what he made in Los Angeles, but now he actually has some money to spend and work off his debts. Paying $1600 a month for a one bedroom apartment is just nuts...

    I certainly have pondered the idea of buying a house in MI just to have some established property to do something with.
  8. aflineman

    aflineman Both South of Eugene and East of Portland. Active Member

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    Take Care and Have Fun. I am sure I will see you around one place or another.
  9. pdxjohann

    pdxjohann Portland near Tigard Member

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    Thanks for the nice old pistol I purchased from you years ago. Best of luck in your continuing ventures.
  10. PinkhamR

    PinkhamR Altus, Oklahoma MSgt, USAF (Retired)-FFL Lifetime Supporter

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    Congratz! So your current FFL's are still OK?
  11. fredball

    fredball Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Congratulations on your expansion woo hoo hope it increases big time for you
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  12. ThePhonMan

    ThePhonMan Spokanistan Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    Congrats Andrew!

    I was selfishly hoping you’d close the WA office so the ATF would accelerate approvals on my NFA items. :)

    It’s good to hear you can keep all these irons in the fire in this economy. Best of luck with the new expansion and I’m really thankful you’re not dragging your poor family to Detroit.

  13. Hotolds442

    Hotolds442 Washougal Member

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    Today I missed you being around.

    Seeing my package being delivered in Hastings, Michigan threw me for a loop.
    I'm trying to find an alternative to January 2nd, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift.
  14. captqc

    captqc Tigard Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    Congrats on your expansion but you do realize that they have real winters where you are going!?!?!?!:paranoid:
  15. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    Took this picture of my car 2 hours ago.

    Light dusting for this area.:bluelaugh: