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My Experience:
SUMMARY: refinishes firearms and weapons with CeraKote products. Projects take much longer than quoted, not completed as specified, and finish wears off within days of use. Met with hostility and aggression when I pressed to get what I paid for.
I have had 3 projects done by OTW over the last year and a half. Their primary focus on firearms refinishing with CeraKote products. The first went well and the project was completed as described. The second took twice the stated length of time and was not done correctly. They did agree to redo the finish, but it took several weeks to complete, but was done satisfactorily.
The third project did not go as well. I took a handgun in for a complete rebuild. I requested that the front strap of my 1911 be checkered. I was not told that this was done by hand and would take many hours to complete. I have had many handguns built this way in the past and have never, nor would I have ever, expected the shop bill I received. It was more the 2x what it has cost to have high end builds done in the past. The project took more than 6 months to complete. To make things worse, the job was not completed as ordered. Bob did agree to work with me to take a little time to pay the enormous shop bill.
When I did finally get the notice it was done, I picked up my firearm and started to use it as my every day carry. After only 3 days of holster use, I noticed the finish was coming off on the edges of the slide and frame. I called the manufacture of the product and was told it should not wear that quickly. I called OTW and explained what the issue was and I was told to bring it back, again, and it would "go to the head of the line". I confirmed her statement twice. I made the hour plus drive there and was met with hostility and even aggression by one of the employees. I was told I would have to wait another 6 weeks (OTW translation 3 months) for a job I already paid for.
I was told over and over they have never had a finish on a firearm wear off so quickly. He got quite angry with me when I pointed out that if this was the only one, then you did something wrong. I don't think this is a one of a kind special R&D model Colt came out with. I was told over and over that they refinish law enforcement and military firearms all the time and don't have that problem. So again, what did you do different on mine that made it fail so quickly. The end result was that I was informed that because the frame has "sharp edges" it would just wear off again. He even showed me a Boy Scout Trainer firearm that suffers heavy use with minimal wear. So I ask again, what did you do different on mine that it failed so quickly. Again, yelling and hostility.
I was again met with hostility and even a little physical aggression when I asked they would not complete the project in the time frame I was told on the phone. At this point I no longer felt safe in the shop, nor would my project be completed satisfactorily.
I had a difficult time getting in touch with the owner, Bob. He finally replied to my emails stating that he did not think I would ever be satisfied with their work, and again repeated they do numerous law enforcement and military weapons without this type of failure. He refunded a small portion of the cost to refinish the gun and said they did not want any further business from me.
So, use at your own risk. Just make sure your item don't have edges.



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